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Better Manage Now Mantra

posted Dec 6, 2016, 1:53 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Dec 12, 2016, 8:45 PM ]

Better Manage Now Mantra
It is not at all difficult to manage things better during good times. It may also be true that good times might overshadow the bad management practices. It is always a daunting task to manage better during difficult times. That’s why it is always said,“When the going gets tough the tough get going”. It is always the skilled people, robust business processes, and continuous training of the people that keep the organization healthy and strong to meet any adversities and challenges. It is for this reason and objective that our experienced and dynamic team can be of a great help to solve your business issues and problems. We are a team of professionally managed people with decades of industry experience and expertise.

We are totally committed to helping you solve your business problems and offer you services and solutions that are practical, effective, relevant, and realistic. Our only focus is to give you solutions that are creative, innovative, and effective. Our only goal is to help your people and your organization perform better even during difficult times. It’s, in fact, our promise to manage things better and always.

Catalysts of Change Management !!

posted Oct 10, 2016, 8:39 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jan 2, 2017, 9:20 AM ]

We strongly believe that all business productivity and performance is the result of a strong motivated team of professionals with hands-on industry expertise and experience. We are a team of professionals with huge industry experience and expertise. We are a team of committed individuals with only one focus in mind and that is the better management, better productivity, and better performance of the organization that we are working for. We strongly believe that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. The survival and sustenance of our business are because of your better productivity and better performance. We only help and catalyze in strengthening your productivity and performance with our effective services and solutions. Our services are tailor-made, customized, and specifically designed to suit individual needs and requirements of an organization. And before prescribing and offering any solution, we would like to first understand your business issues and needs from the very ground up. We are of this strong opinion and conviction that every organization has its own unique problems and hence require unique solutions. And there can never be a common solution to all the problems and all the organizations. And there can never be “One-fit-for-all” solution or strategy. And every problem is unique to that organization and, therefore, understanding that problem from the very ground up is a good beginning in finding a better and sustainable solution. It is said that the solution exists in the problem itself. Can we really defy the Peter Principle? Our whole endeavor is to find a solution to this “paradox”.

Our basic objective is to offer ideas and solutions that are helpful in achieving better productivity and better performance. We offer solutions that are real-world, practical, relevant, and down-to-earth. All our solutions are built on a platform that is simple, secure, scalable, and supersonic. We strongly believe that an organization can grow and sustain only when it is built on a strong foundation. It is said that the whole creation is made up of five basic elements. And the whole creation has also evolved and grown like a spider web. The spider spins and spreads the web and comes back and sits in the very center of the web. The very essence of the creation is at the very center of the creation. The spider also creates the web in a similar way. The manifestation is on the outer and the essence is at the center. Every business organization is also built on the foundations of five basic elements. These are the five pillars or 5 Ps of any modern business organization. And these five basic elements are - People, Products, Processes, Promotions, and Profits. The profit is the essence of every business organization. And it is by-product and resultant of the better, effective and efficient functioning of the first four elements. And these five elements are most fundamental to every business organization. Every business organization, therefore, has to focus on “Better Productivity”, “Better Performance”, and “Better Profits”.

We strongly believe that every organization, in order to be sustainable and successful, has to continuously focus on the following seven (7) elements. These are the basic constituents or fundamental elements of any modern organization. The following are the seven (7) basic building blocks of any modern business organization:

  • People: The first thing is the people. These are the people who are highly innovative and creative. These are the people who are highly motivated and inspired. People precede everything and everything succeeds people.
  • Products: The organization and its people should create Products or Services that are world class and offer the highest value for money.
  • Processes: The organization must aim at processes that are highly dynamic and evolving. The only focus is on continuous and on-going improvement. Improving on the improvement and bettering over the best is the only goal of the organization and its people.
  • Promotions: The organization and its people should believe in creating highest customer attraction. The only philosophy is to speak what you do and do what you speak. It is both, talk the walk and walk the talk.
  • Productivity: Every asset has to be a productive asset. There should not be any scope for a non-performing asset. Let us say no to NPAs.
  • Performance: It is said that performance is a manager’s challenge. The performance brings promotion. And promotion gives a kick to the manager to perform better. The management has to always see that there is a kick in the kick.
  • Profits: Let the bottom line speak. This is the only proof of productivity and performance of the organization. The profit element has to be the very soul of every business organization. The profitability of the organization has to be consistent and growing. The only goal is to increase the shareholder value. The accelerating rate of return should be the only goal.
Every business organization should, therefore, continuously focus and strengthen the above seven basic building blocks. We can help and serve an organization by providing our experience and expertise in identifying and wedging the gaps in the following areas:
  • People Management: Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Recruitment, Talent Data Bank, Payroll Processing, Corporate Training.
  • Production Management: Product Design, Packaging Design, Product Research, Product Distribution Strategies.
  • Process Management: Process Design, Process Implementation, Process Improvement, Business Process Re-engineering, SCM Processes, ISO Certification and Training, 6 Sigma Training, and Implementation.
  • Promotion Management: Promotion, Advertisement, Campaigns, Research, Customer Feedback, Internet Marketing, Google Ads, Google Adwords.
  • Productivity Management: Designing and implementing productivity management tools and metrics. Designing and defining the methods that measure the productivity.
  • Performance Management: Designing and deploying systems and methods of performance management at the level of individuals and teams. Implementation performance and reward systems. Coaching and training individuals and teams towards Better Management and Better Leadership.
  • Profit Management: Bookkeeping and Accounting. Accounting Software, ERP Implementation, ERP Training, Financial Accounts, Analysis, MIS, Compliance.

An Inspiring Management Story !!

posted Oct 10, 2016, 1:57 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Oct 19, 2016, 12:56 AM ]

An Inspiring Management Story !!
I heard a small corporate story which I would like to share. Once upon a time in a renowned organization an old CEO was to retire and a new, young and dynamic one was to take charge. The outgoing CEO was old, matured and well experienced. The new one was very young and dynamic. While leaving the organization, the old one shared his experiences, challenges and achievements with the new one. The new incoming CEO asked the old outgoing CEO for some Guru Mantra. The old one prepared two envelopes for the new one, sealed them and labeled them as ‘Crisis One’ and ‘Crisis Two’. The old one, while handing over the envelops to the new one said, “Whenever you face a critical management crisis for the first time, open the first envelope, and for any other similar and further critical management crisis, open the second envelope, and both these envelopes will help you in any kind of a management crisis, and trust me, this is the testimony of my decades of corporate experience”. The new lad took both the envelops very happily, and they both departed wishing good luck on each other’s journey. 

Times went on, as time doesn’t wait for anybody. The young CEO faced a very bad management crisis for the first time. The sales were very poor, targets under achieved, market share fallen, and all the people in his team were highly demoralized. The management was very angry on the whole situation. The young and dynamic CEO was in a deep trouble. For the very first time he remembered his old friend and he could also recollect the two envelopes that he had given him while departing. The new guy felt little relieved and thought of taking the help of the first envelope. He opened the first envelope which was sealed and labeled as ‘Crisis One’. The Guru Mantra that was written in the letter was, “Blame the predecessor and blame the whole past”. The new CEO was very happy and quickly thought of implementing the advice. He called a meeting of his entire team, took them in confidence and shared the new winning strategy. They all started blaming the earlier CEO and his team for all the failures. They all blamed the earlier CEO and his team for their faults in planning, forecasting, strategies, and leadership. He now got a chance and he could somehow survive from the worst management crisis. The management of the organization has given him and his team one more opportunity. 

Somehow, time runs out fast. Just opening and closing our eyes it has already traveled miles. And we always say, “Time is Gold, don’t fritter it away”. This I think is absolutely true for anybody and in any situation. The honeymoon days are over. How long can you blame the other and the past? The CEO and his team faced another deep and worst ever management crisis. Another deep trouble unfolded. I think this is how the whole situation works. The old problems go and the new problems crop up. The old situations disappear and new situations surface. The old solutions become redundant and we have to create and innovate new solutions. The old values go and new values unfold. I think this is the game of life. The life is a great change and challenge, and we all must participate in this change. The change is good and the change is great. Lets all be a part of this great change. 

And this time the management was very unhappy. The management was very angry and annoyed with the new CEO and his entire team. This appeared to be the last chance. Now a days a second chance is always a last chance. The New Mantra is, the first chance is enough and there is no second chance. Not having any other option, the CEO opened the second envelope which was sealed and labeled as ‘Crisis Two’. The Guru Mantra that was written in the second letter said, “Prepare two similar envelops for the new incoming CEO”.

Better Management and Better Leadership

posted Oct 10, 2016, 1:38 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 4:58 AM ]

Better Management and Better Leadership
What is management? Management is the art of managing anything. Let us look into the word ‘Manage’. It is made of two words: Man and Age. Management is the art of managing one’s life and times. Therefore, management is also an art of managing one’s life. Peter Drucker says, “Management is doing things right, and leadership is doing right things”. Management has always been a constant challenge. Managing businesses and people has never been that easy. 

What’s the difficulty? The complex nature of business operations, fast changing market conditions, globalization, and the continuous requirement of newer skills to manage these dynamic and ever changing situations have led us to this challenge. 

The whole world economy looks gloomy today. The economists and management experts all over the world have been continuously discussing the ways and means to come out of these recessionary times. The world economy is showing a dismal growth. With great difficulty the Indian economy has been kept on a growth path of below 6%. This is far behind the earlier plan and forecast. All major economies of the world like the US, UK, Europe and Japan are showing a negative growth. The debt of these nations is mounting and alarming. 

A developed nation like Iceland has already gone bankrupt. And countries like Greece, Ireland and Austria are showing the signs of bankruptcy. Greece is already on a bail out plan for $150 billion from either the European Union or the IMF. Just two years back the whole US economy was on a growth path. What’s gone wrong all of a sudden? The uncertainty has overruled all the scientific planning and forecasting. It appears that all the scientific tools and techniques of better planning, better forecasting, and better management have proved futile. We sometimes nickname our bad management practices as uncertainties. We either blame the people or the circumstances. The whole process of our planning and forecasting has been a system of ‘Control C and Control V’. The old practice of cut, copy and paste may not work for long. 

It seems the planning and forecasting experts have become just copycats. All the planning and forecasting methods, systems, and processes have proved futile because they are neither creative nor innovative. It is just like the old alliteration, which says, “Bata and Buta bought some butter, but the butter was so bitter, they bought some better butter, to make the bitter butter, a better butter”. This is how are the management practices of many of the organizations and nations today. I really don’t know whether it is just an alliteration or an adulteration. Its really not clear whether it is Bitter Management, Butter Management, or Better Management. 

Being just a copycat will not be of much help. Only sometimes it can be of some help. The old adage is very apt here: “We can’t fool all the people all the time”. Blaming the people and the circumstances will not help for long. Blame game is either a bum game or a bomb game. The inefficiency or paranoia is like a bomb which can explode any time and can ruin an organization or a country. I think it is just because of this that Andrew S. Grove of Intel says, “Only the paranoid survive”. Let the whole effort be to make the organization free of paranoia.

You can not fool all the people all the times. This is the real story of majority of the organizations in the world today. Blame the other, blame the circumstances, and blame the past is the name of the game. This sort of an approach, this type of strategy will never help the organizations in the longer run.

We need to be creative and innovative in all our approaches. We need to think out of the box. We need to move from Bitter Management and Butter Management to Better Management. Because, the better has always been the best. Please remember, it is always the better and never the best. It is always better than the best and better than the rest. It is always bettering the best. It is always improving on the improvement.

The survival of the strongest and mightiest is an old thing. The survival of the wisest is a new thing. The new knowledge economy is fast unfolding. I feel the new name for the CEO has to be not only a Chief Executive Officer but also a Chief Evolutionary Officer. The CEO has to be an Alchemist. One of the best presidents of America, Abraham Lincoln says, “When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion”.

We will focus here on various management skills, methods, tools, approaches, and strategies. We will also share with you various emerging technologies which may help you in better management of your business. And all this should eventually lead us to Better Management and Better Leadership. Let “Better Management” and “Better Leadership” be our only religion towards a “Better World”.

Financial Management

Financial Management

A strong Financial Management System backed by a robust Financial Accounting Software is a backbone of every business. Let us explore the world of Better Financial Management >>

Financial Accounting

Accounting and ERP Solutions

A strong understanding of Financial Accounting based on a robust Financial Accounting Software is a key to help your business grow. Let us explore the world of Better Financial Accounting >>

Indian Tax System

posted Apr 3, 2016, 12:41 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 5:02 AM ]

Indian Tax System
says in the Arthashastra, “The King should collect taxes from his subjects exactly the same way a honeybee collects nectar from the flowers”. This should be the objective of any State Government or Central Government when it comes to the collection of taxes from its people. The art of Better Tax Collection and Better Tax Management is an indication of better governance of any country. The common wish of every taxpayer is that such taxing times should never come again. And the fact of the matter is that we are in a worst taxing times of our lives. Everybody’s time is taxed and nobody’s time is relaxed. When it comes to our taxes there are only two choices: either we save our taxes or pay our taxes. Everything on the earth is taxed today except the tax itself. I think the taxing times are here to stay forever. It was none other than Albert Einstein himself, a greatest genius on earth, who used to say that he can understand everything but he can’t understand the taxes. He said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the Income Tax”. This is really a fact of life today. Efforts are being made by the Governments for years now to make the taxes simpler. I think the Governments and the tax experts must be following the insight given by Albert Einstein on the laws of nature. He says, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. His protest must be more with the system of taxes than the fact of taxes. And what’s the result? The more they try to make it simpler, the more it becomes complex and complicated. Let us hope that the new Direct Taxes Code (DTC) does not become a Da Vinci Code. The Direct Taxes Code (DTC) was likely to be implemented from 1st of April, 2011. All the deadlines have been postponed. Let us hope that it will bring better changes to taxes and our taxing lives. 

The most taxing activity in the world today is planning our taxes and paying our taxes. Can we all attempt to solve a simple quiz? The quiz is: What percentage of tax revenue is needed just to fund the Act of Taxation? This puzzle does not seem to be that simple. And I somehow feel the answer to this puzzle lies in one of the insights of Albert Einstein. He says, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former”. And the answer to the above puzzle must be, “infinity”. It would have been really very easy to the tax and revenue authorities to make tax assessment of Albert Einstein. In all cases it would have been a best judgement assessment, because the guy says, “I don’t keep books, records, recordings of anything. That’s too complicated”. Oh my God !! Just see his honesty !! I have no doubt that the statutory authorities would have grilled him for this for hours and hours. In any case, the best judgment assessment would have been the only solution to his case. I know he was a great genius. What I am saying is just on a lighter side. Indian Tax System is a very complicated subject comprising of many types of taxes broadly divided into Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes

Direct Taxes

Financial Management

All Direct Taxes impact the Profitability of an individual and an organization. And the prudence is to understand, plan and save taxes. Let us explore the world of Better Direct Tax Management >>

Indirect Taxes

Accounting and ERP Solutions

All Indirect Taxes impact the Profitability of an individual and an organization. And the prudence is to understand, plan and save taxes. Let us explore the world of Better Indirect Tax Management >>

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