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Catalysts of Change Management !!

posted Oct 10, 2016, 8:39 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Jan 2, 2017, 9:20 AM ]

We strongly believe that all business productivity and performance is the result of a strong motivated team of professionals with hands-on industry expertise and experience. We are a team of professionals with huge industry experience and expertise. We are a team of committed individuals with only one focus in mind and that is the better management, better productivity, and better performance of the organization that we are working for. We strongly believe that your success is our success and your failure is our failure. The survival and sustenance of our business are because of your better productivity and better performance. We only help and catalyze in strengthening your productivity and performance with our effective services and solutions. Our services are tailor-made, customized, and specifically designed to suit individual needs and requirements of an organization. And before prescribing and offering any solution, we would like to first understand your business issues and needs from the very ground up. We are of this strong opinion and conviction that every organization has its own unique problems and hence require unique solutions. And there can never be a common solution to all the problems and all the organizations. And there can never be “One-fit-for-all” solution or strategy. And every problem is unique to that organization and, therefore, understanding that problem from the very ground up is a good beginning in finding a better and sustainable solution. It is said that the solution exists in the problem itself. Can we really defy the Peter Principle? Our whole endeavor is to find a solution to this “paradox”.

Our basic objective is to offer ideas and solutions that are helpful in achieving better productivity and better performance. We offer solutions that are real-world, practical, relevant, and down-to-earth. All our solutions are built on a platform that is simple, secure, scalable, and supersonic. We strongly believe that an organization can grow and sustain only when it is built on a strong foundation. It is said that the whole creation is made up of five basic elements. And the whole creation has also evolved and grown like a spider web. The spider spins and spreads the web and comes back and sits in the very center of the web. The very essence of the creation is at the very center of the creation. The spider also creates the web in a similar way. The manifestation is on the outer and the essence is at the center. Every business organization is also built on the foundations of five basic elements. These are the five pillars or 5 Ps of any modern business organization. And these five basic elements are - People, Products, Processes, Promotions, and Profits. The profit is the essence of every business organization. And it is by-product and resultant of the better, effective and efficient functioning of the first four elements. And these five elements are most fundamental to every business organization. Every business organization, therefore, has to focus on “Better Productivity”, “Better Performance”, and “Better Profits”.

We strongly believe that every organization, in order to be sustainable and successful, has to continuously focus on the following seven (7) elements. These are the basic constituents or fundamental elements of any modern organization. The following are the seven (7) basic building blocks of any modern business organization:

  • People: The first thing is the people. These are the people who are highly innovative and creative. These are the people who are highly motivated and inspired. People precede everything and everything succeeds people.
  • Products: The organization and its people should create Products or Services that are world class and offer the highest value for money.
  • Processes: The organization must aim at processes that are highly dynamic and evolving. The only focus is on continuous and on-going improvement. Improving on the improvement and bettering over the best is the only goal of the organization and its people.
  • Promotions: The organization and its people should believe in creating highest customer attraction. The only philosophy is to speak what you do and do what you speak. It is both, talk the walk and walk the talk.
  • Productivity: Every asset has to be a productive asset. There should not be any scope for a non-performing asset. Let us say no to NPAs.
  • Performance: It is said that performance is a manager’s challenge. The performance brings promotion. And promotion gives a kick to the manager to perform better. The management has to always see that there is a kick in the kick.
  • Profits: Let the bottom line speak. This is the only proof of productivity and performance of the organization. The profit element has to be the very soul of every business organization. The profitability of the organization has to be consistent and growing. The only goal is to increase the shareholder value. The accelerating rate of return should be the only goal.
Every business organization should, therefore, continuously focus and strengthen the above seven basic building blocks. We can help and serve an organization by providing our experience and expertise in identifying and wedging the gaps in the following areas:
  • People Management: Talent Acquisition, Talent Retention, Recruitment, Talent Data Bank, Payroll Processing, Corporate Training.
  • Production Management: Product Design, Packaging Design, Product Research, Product Distribution Strategies.
  • Process Management: Process Design, Process Implementation, Process Improvement, Business Process Re-engineering, SCM Processes, ISO Certification and Training, 6 Sigma Training, and Implementation.
  • Promotion Management: Promotion, Advertisement, Campaigns, Research, Customer Feedback, Internet Marketing, Google Ads, Google Adwords.
  • Productivity Management: Designing and implementing productivity management tools and metrics. Designing and defining the methods that measure the productivity.
  • Performance Management: Designing and deploying systems and methods of performance management at the level of individuals and teams. Implementation performance and reward systems. Coaching and training individuals and teams towards Better Management and Better Leadership.
  • Profit Management: Bookkeeping and Accounting. Accounting Software, ERP Implementation, ERP Training, Financial Accounts, Analysis, MIS, Compliance.