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Better Management and Better Leadership

posted Oct 10, 2016, 1:38 AM by Avadhoot Dandekar   [ updated Oct 10, 2016, 4:58 AM ]
Better Management and Better Leadership
What is management? Management is the art of managing anything. Let us look into the word ‘Manage’. It is made of two words: Man and Age. Management is the art of managing one’s life and times. Therefore, management is also an art of managing one’s life. Peter Drucker says, “Management is doing things right, and leadership is doing right things”. Management has always been a constant challenge. Managing businesses and people has never been that easy. 

What’s the difficulty? The complex nature of business operations, fast changing market conditions, globalization, and the continuous requirement of newer skills to manage these dynamic and ever changing situations have led us to this challenge. 

The whole world economy looks gloomy today. The economists and management experts all over the world have been continuously discussing the ways and means to come out of these recessionary times. The world economy is showing a dismal growth. With great difficulty the Indian economy has been kept on a growth path of below 6%. This is far behind the earlier plan and forecast. All major economies of the world like the US, UK, Europe and Japan are showing a negative growth. The debt of these nations is mounting and alarming. 

A developed nation like Iceland has already gone bankrupt. And countries like Greece, Ireland and Austria are showing the signs of bankruptcy. Greece is already on a bail out plan for $150 billion from either the European Union or the IMF. Just two years back the whole US economy was on a growth path. What’s gone wrong all of a sudden? The uncertainty has overruled all the scientific planning and forecasting. It appears that all the scientific tools and techniques of better planning, better forecasting, and better management have proved futile. We sometimes nickname our bad management practices as uncertainties. We either blame the people or the circumstances. The whole process of our planning and forecasting has been a system of ‘Control C and Control V’. The old practice of cut, copy and paste may not work for long. 

It seems the planning and forecasting experts have become just copycats. All the planning and forecasting methods, systems, and processes have proved futile because they are neither creative nor innovative. It is just like the old alliteration, which says, “Bata and Buta bought some butter, but the butter was so bitter, they bought some better butter, to make the bitter butter, a better butter”. This is how are the management practices of many of the organizations and nations today. I really don’t know whether it is just an alliteration or an adulteration. Its really not clear whether it is Bitter Management, Butter Management, or Better Management. 

Being just a copycat will not be of much help. Only sometimes it can be of some help. The old adage is very apt here: “We can’t fool all the people all the time”. Blaming the people and the circumstances will not help for long. Blame game is either a bum game or a bomb game. The inefficiency or paranoia is like a bomb which can explode any time and can ruin an organization or a country. I think it is just because of this that Andrew S. Grove of Intel says, “Only the paranoid survive”. Let the whole effort be to make the organization free of paranoia.

You can not fool all the people all the times. This is the real story of majority of the organizations in the world today. Blame the other, blame the circumstances, and blame the past is the name of the game. This sort of an approach, this type of strategy will never help the organizations in the longer run.

We need to be creative and innovative in all our approaches. We need to think out of the box. We need to move from Bitter Management and Butter Management to Better Management. Because, the better has always been the best. Please remember, it is always the better and never the best. It is always better than the best and better than the rest. It is always bettering the best. It is always improving on the improvement.

The survival of the strongest and mightiest is an old thing. The survival of the wisest is a new thing. The new knowledge economy is fast unfolding. I feel the new name for the CEO has to be not only a Chief Executive Officer but also a Chief Evolutionary Officer. The CEO has to be an Alchemist. One of the best presidents of America, Abraham Lincoln says, “When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion”.

We will focus here on various management skills, methods, tools, approaches, and strategies. We will also share with you various emerging technologies which may help you in better management of your business. And all this should eventually lead us to Better Management and Better Leadership. Let “Better Management” and “Better Leadership” be our only religion towards a “Better World”.

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