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Google Apps for Business

What is Google Apps? Google Apps is a customizable package of business applications including mail, calendar, team site creation, document collaboration, online video chatting and video sharing, etc. More than 4 million businesses are using Google Apps for their businesses. Everything works on the Google platform that is simple, secure, scalable, and supersonic. You can watch a few of the below videos to know the power of Google Apps.

Gmail is a defacto mail client of millions of people. We can configure Gmail for your business with your business name and logo. You can make Gmail as your business mail today! Do Better Business with Better Mail and Business Mail.

Google Sites is a part of Google Apps. It is a way to create secure and dynamic web pages for your business, intranets and projects. It is also best suitable for non-profits, government organizations, schools and colleges. You can use Google Sites to organize all your information in the form of Google Documents, Google Spreadsheets, Google Presentations, Google Drawings, Google Forms and Google Videos at one place within your Google Apps for Business. You can embed all the above within the web pages of your website. All the apps within Google Apps are seamlessly integrated. 

We can help you create rich and dynamic Google Sites with infinite possibilities. You have to just imagine what you can do with them. The proof of all this is that this very site Better Manage Now has been created on Google platform. Please preview this whole site to know the capabilities of Google Apps for Business. Some other sites to preview are:
What are you waiting for? We are all there to help you set-up your online business in just few hours. Please call us or send us an inquiry. Our only objective is to serve you better so that you can do better business with better software and better technology. 

Please explore the following Products for your Better Business:
  • Google Mail 
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Documents
  • Google Sites
  • Google Videos
  • Google Forms
  • Google Presentation
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Google Drawings
  • Google Drive
We can help and train your people on Google Apps. Please take help of Google Apps Academy to learn and know more on Google Apps.

You can manage meetings online with Google Calendar. Google Calendar is a web-based calendar application that enables employees to work together efficiently and helps minimize costs and IT hassles. Following are some of the tasks that you can do with Google Calendar:
  • Easily schedule appointments.
  • Integrate with your email system.
  • Share project calendars.
  • Access calendars with your mobile devices.
  • Publish calendars to the web.
  • Embed it in the web pages of your websites.
We can help you seamlessly integrate the Google Calendar in the complete suit of your Google Apps for business.

Google Docs (as it is popularly called) or Google Documents is Googles online rich and dynamic office suit with real time collaboration. It is a web-based suit of Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Drawings and Forms. It is a rich suit that is compatible with all popular browsers and operating systems. You can easily do the following things with Google Documents:
  • Online editing and real-time collaboration.
  • Access the documents anytime and anywhere on internet.
  • Easily upload and share files with anyone.
  • Publish the documents on the web.
  • Embed the documents in the web-pages of your web-sites.
  • Do all the above and many things with secure access and controls.
We can help you seamlessly integrate the Google Documents in the complete suit of your Google Apps for business. 

Google Apps for Business has another beautiful application called Google Video. Google Video for Business brings internal information to life. It helps businesses to securely host stream your videos with employees, suppliers and customers. It can act as a video channel for you business. It can also be used for internal training needs of the organization. It can be an important tool of video communication so that the communication is engaging and effective. 

Google Apps help you move your Business from Small Business to Big Business. It cam considerably reduce your IT costs. There is no need to pay again and again for all the software up-gradations. All the new versions and new innovations are freely available. You dont have to invest heavily in the very beginning. You can think of increasing the business investments as your business grows.