Creativity Dr. Bono Style: Are Indians creative? Just see what he has to say?

Dr. Edward De Bono visited India in September, 2007. His visit has been of an immense value to many organizations. He talked on the importance of creativity and innovation. I really do not know how many organizations have started realizing the importance of creativity at their work places. Just to speak in few words, Dr.Edward De Bono is a creativity Guru, and an outstanding man accredited with 74 books to his credit. He is a 'lateral thinking' Guru and an inventor of 'Six Hats Theory'. He has been travelling all over the world and speaking and advising hundreds of organizations on creativity and generating newer business ideas on the strengths of creativity and lateral thinking. Lateral thinking means to think in an unconventional way. What they say in the management parlance is to 'think out of the box'. Are you interested in knowing more about Dr. Bono? You can digitally travel to his personal website @ Dr. Edward De Bono.

Are Indians creative? Dr. Bono says, "From the limited interactions I have had, I find Indians very argumentative". He further adds saying, "Argument is a very primitive way of discussion". A very cryptic remark isn't it? We really need to peek in and do some introspection. I think Indian-born Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen will definitely agree with Dr. Bono. However, Nobel Laureate and world renowned economist Amartya Sen in his book 'The Argumentative Indian' delves deeper and wider and beyond the narrow argumentative traits of the 'Argumentative Indian'. In contrast Dr. De Bono says, "Americans are creative and have a 'go getter' attitude. The Chinese have not started thinking creatively, but the Japanese are slowly shifting from logic-based thinking to creative thinking. The French think they are the most creative. But in fact, they are not". Can India become a Superpower? He gives an instant solution. He says, "If India can partner China, the two can become a Superpower in a short time. Alternately, if India and China can form a coalition, bringing other developing nations under its fold, it can beat all other superpowers".

Great Guru!! Creativity has its own power. The biggest power lies in creativity. Dr. De Bono advises organizations to appoint a CIO - Chief Ideas Officer. He should be responsible for ideation, collection and implementation of ideas. He further says, "Ideation should be made compulsory". He gives the example of a bank in England which allows its employees to 'just think' for half an hour daily. The bank employees have to report at 9 am and think till 9:30 am.

What is lacking then? Why can't we be creative? He gives the following three factors that prevent us from thinking creatively: Lack of confidence, Lack of knowledge of adequate creative thinking tools, Fear of taking risks. We all at Better Manage Now, strongly feel that the future world does not belong to the competitive but to the creative. The 'Blue Oceans' belong to the creative and the innovative, and the 'Red Oceans' belong to the competitive. The competition with the other is an old adage. And to be creative and innovative is a new thinking and a new beginning. Creativity and innovation is a new mantra that will keep the businesses ticking. Creativity is all about mindfully creating the future.

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