Innovation and creativity is the key. Would next Bill Gates come from India or China?

This is really an exciting news. According to a new survey 40% of Americans believe that the next Bill Gates would come from India or China. The World Economic Forum has reported that the US has lost its global competitiveness ranking while India, China and Brazil have gained. This is really an amazing development. The sad part of the story is that 74% of Americans said it was unlikely the US would regain its status next year. This is a sad part for the simple reason that it is a psychological defeat. A vast majority, about 96% of Americans believe that innovation was critical to the future success of the US as a world economic leader. And nearly 60% Americans agreed that the rising national deficit would have a “major impact” on the prosperity of future generations.

This is really a sad part that the national deficit is a major concern for majority of the nations. This is a consequence of bad governance and ineffective economic management of the country. This applies to many nations in general including India. We need to be very cautious and careful in our spending keeping in mind the future economic success of India. The US case has to be an eye opener for many nations. The economic survey, conducted by Zogby International, found that 68% of Americans think innovation was key to the future success of their place of employment, with 50% maintaining that innovation was important for their job remaining in the US.

This is what we have been saying at Better Manage Now that innovation and creativity are the two key determinants for the future success and survival of the organizations and the whole world at large. Innovation is of the pure mind and creativity is of the pure heart. Let innovation and creativity be the new benchmarks for the New World Order.

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