Is learning 'Better Skills' a continuous process both for individuals and businesses?

Learning is a continuous and an ongoing process. It seems the whole life is a learning process. It definitely begins somewhere but never ends anywhere. The old ideas become useless. The old technologies become redundant. The old processes become ineffective. It seems everything is in a transition.

The whole organization is built on the foundations of 5 pillars. The 5 pillars of an organization are: People, Products, Processes, Promotions, and Profits. They are all interconnected and inseparable. The effective churning of the first four processes culminate into the fifth. We can not achieve profit. But yes we can aim towards profit. Profit is nothing but the by-product of the efficient and effective use of the first four processes. And one process affects the other. They all are interdependent.

All the above elements have their own life cycles. Old products die and new products come in. Old ideas die and new ideas come into existence. Old processes become ineffective, and dynamic and evolving processes come into being. Old technologies die and new technologies come into play. Profit seems to be an ever changing idea. If the people and organizations are not learning continuously they become extinct. And when they do not keep pace with the change that is taking place in the ecosystem they become redundant. And in this process many old organizations become extinct and new organizations come into existence. That is why learning becomes a very important thing. Learning is a continuous process. This is what Jack Welch says:

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.

Learning the new skills and better skills and putting them fast into an action is the ultimate competitive advantage. And execution of these skills is the most essential thing. All vision and mission have no meaning unless there is an action behind the vision. Shiv Khera says, “An action without a vision is a hallucination”. Oh yes !! You are absolutely right Shiv. And what we all say at Better Manage Now is, "An action without a vision is being blind, and a vision without an action is being lame".

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