Amnesty Scheme 2019 last date extended. Hurry up to avail the benefits for Disputed Taxes!!

The businesses that have indirect tax disputes relating to Pre-GST era can resolve the disputes relating to taxes, interest, and penalty through the Amnesty Scheme 2019.

The Department of Goods and Services Tax, Government of Maharashtra website notification reads as under of the Amnesty Scheme 2019:

Dear tax payers, the Government of Maharashtra has extended the last dates for FIRST PHASE and SECOND PHASE under Amnesty Scheme. Accordingly, the First Phase now, ends on 31st July 2019. Whereas, Second Phase starts from 1st August 2019 and ends on 31st August 2019.

The concerned businesses can hurry up to settle the disputes before the end of the Second Phase on 31st August 2019. The following advertisement of the Government in Times Of India on 24th August 2019 is self explanatory:

Amnesty Scheme 2019 Ad in TOI

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